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Jeanne Beenackers - No Title

Jeanne Beenackers - No Title kopen? Bied vanaf 50!

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Jeanne Beenackers - No Title


Verkaufpreis: € 46,00 (inkl. 15% Auktionsprovision)

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Jeanne Beenackers - No Title kopen? Bied vanaf 50!
Jeanne Beenackers - No Title kopen? Bied vanaf 50!
Jeanne Beenackers - No Title kopen? Bied vanaf 50!
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Mitglied seit 2020
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  • Jeanne Beenackers (1946-2012)
GerahmtNicht gerahmt
Maße60 cm x 35 cm (h x b)
SigniertNicht signiert

Jeanne Beenackers

Born in 1946 in the Netherlands. Working 1989-2012 in own gallery in Nieuwkoop



Art is an expression of the artist's personality, and since personalities are complex, no work can truly be fit to one specific genre. I feel my art can be best considered as "abstracted figurative". Central to my work is a theme which encompasses three different aspects of living beings. I call this theme "Pose-Gesture-Feelings" and generally include a human being in a central position. However, for me, emotions are expressed by colours and media rather than through a precise recreation of figures. My pieces are best characterised by their stylistic, abstracted but powerful design. Replacing reality with atmosphere is important, relying on colour and background layers are essential in my creation process. Organic tints and veined layers add a connection to primitive cultures. Sometimes the result is a "lived-through" structure, where colour shades bubble up to the surface, expressing my poetic fascination with the creation of sacral figures. My style has progressed over the years with the gradual addition of more colour and texture. Figurative elements arise subtly through suggestion rather than definition. Intuition forms the base of my painting. During painting, I let my sensitive nature lead me so that my paintings capture my feelings of the moment. For this reason, it is difficult for me to work on a series of similar pieces. But I do enjoy working in a multi-panel format, continually adding new tension between the fields, contributing richness to the work. Since my art is such a reflection of my feelings and emotions of the moment, I strive to break away from existing patterns and procedures and constantly move into different directions from my past accomplishments. My titles have poetic associations, arising spontaneously while I am working. My hope is that the viewer will then be able to add an individual interpretation to the piece and not be constricted by any direction my title might convey.


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Jeanne Beenackers (1946-2012)

Alle Werke von diesem Künstler Angeboten durch  Beenackers

Mitglied seit 2020
4 verkaufte Lose
Alle Lose von diesem Anbieter (0)
35 cm
60 cm

Der Artikel ist verkauft für 46,00(inkl. 15% Auktionsprovision)


Startzeit:26-10-2020 um 13:19
Endzeit:29-12-2020 um 11:50

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