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Brabants Palet

Founded in 1993


Palette of Brabant Painters

In 1993 Museum Kempenland Eindhoven organized the exhibition Palet van Brabantse Schilders 2, following on from the exhibition of the same name five years earlier. The exhibition fits in with the policy of the museum, which pays a lot of attention to Brabant painting. This is also reflected in the exhibition and collection policy. Palette van Brabantse Schilders 2 is therefore entirely composed of works from the museum's own collection.

Buy Charles Eyck - Vase mit Blumen und Pflanzen? Bid from 1000!
Charles Eyck (1897-1983) Dutch Vase with flowers and plants
Technique Mixed media
Dimensions 60 x 74 cm (h x w)
Signed Hand signed
Support Paper
Framed Framed
Starting bid
Bid Bid
Buy Cornelis de Bruin - Niederländisches Ölgemälde, groß, signiert J.Maris/ Corn.de Bruin? Bid from 200!
Cornelis de Bruin (1870-1940) Dutch Dutch oil painting, large, signed J.Maris/ Corn.de Bruin
Technique Oil paint
Dimensions 66 x 86 cm (h x w)
Signed Hand signed
Support Marouflé
Framed On stretcher
Starting bid
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