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De Ploeg

Founded in 1918

The Squad

Artists' Circle De Ploeg was founded in response to the conservative artistic climate in the city of Groningen, and it still exists today. The name De Ploeg was intended to indicate that development had to take place in the field of art in Groningen. The art had to be 'mined' and this involved plowing the earth. Nevertheless, a pragmatic goal was set out in the statutes of the foundation to bring the members more in contact with each other and to promote the art life. Under the leadership of Jan Wiegers, an expressionist movement emerged within De Ploeg, which was inspired by the work of the German group Die Brücke. Frequently used subjects by the Ploeg members were portraits (of each other) and the Groningen landscape. This landscape is characterized by a high horizon, a perspective accentuated by a road or ditch and contrasting color areas. There was also a lot of outdoor painting. After 1930 the mutual diversity became greater and nowadays there is no longer a common style or visual direction. The members of De Ploeg exhibit together every year, both inside and outside the province of Groningen.

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