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Christian Artists Association

Founded in 1920


General Christian Artists Association

The AKKV, Algemeen Kristelijk Kunstsverbond, was founded under the name Algemeen Katholieke Sterrenvereniging. The AKKV was founded as a national umbrella Catholic artists' organization. There are several departments within the AKKV, such as Architecture and Visual Arts. After the Second World War, several departments merged, resulting in an increase in membership. In the 1980s, the name of the AKKV changed to Algemeen Kristelijk Kunstsverbond.

Buy Charles Eyck - Vase mit Blumen und Pflanzen? Bid from 1000!
Charles Eyck (1897-1983) Dutch Vase with flowers and plants
Technique Mixed media
Dimensions 60 x 74 cm (h x w)
Signed Hand signed
Support Paper
Framed Framed
Starting bid
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