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De Onafhankelijken

Founded in 1912


The Independents

The Independents arose as a resistance to the established art and were founded as a 'modern denominational society' in Amsterdam. They wanted expressive freedom for the individual in work and exhibition through a biannual jury-free exhibition. During such an exhibition, various works from very different movements could be seen. After the First World War, the Independents were of great importance to all artists who worked on their own free views and who had an opportunity to exhibit through the jury-free association. They played a major role in the turnaround in the visual arts that took place at the beginning of the twentieth century.

Buy Herbert Fiedler - Erminia en Tancredi (naar Poussin)? Bid from 340!
Herbert Fiedler (1891-1962) German Dutch Erminia and Tancredi (after Poussin)
Technique Gouache
Dimensions 68 x 80 cm (h x w)
Signed Hand signed
Support Paper
Framed Framed
Starting bid
Bid Bid