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Meet the team

It is with great pleasure that we introduce the Artpeers team to you.

Arthur Brouwers

Arthur 2 CEO, Auctioneer Modern Art


Arthur is the founder of Kunstveiling. As the son of an artist, he was taken to exhibitions, fairs and studios from an early age. His passion for both the arts and the internet resulted in the launch of Kunstveiling in 2009.

Arthur is auctioneer of modern and contemporary art and is charge of the future developments of the platform.

Judith Konz

Judith 2 Managing Director


Judith studied both Theology and Art History and worked for several years as an independent business consultant and manager for De Appel Arts Center, RAW Art Fair Rotterdam, Design Academy Eindhoven and Thomas Gibson Fine Art, amongst others.

Judith's responsibilities include sales and the acquisition of new art collections and the day-to-day management of Kunstveiling and Artpeers.

Paul Buying

DeDenker edited-1 IT architect


Paul is IT architect and entrepreneur. He has been involved in the launch of several start-ups in e-commerce and is co-founder of LiveWords.

At Kunstveiling, Paul is responsible for the design and the process structure of the platform.

Daco de la Bretonière

daco-de-la-bretoniere IT developer


Daco is entrepreneur and IT developer. He is co-founder of several IT businesses such as Fundwell and Lazzo.

At Kunstveiling, Daco is partly responsible for the IT development of the auction platform.

Nicole Vieveen

Nicole 2 Auction Staff Member - Communications


Nicole has studied Art History at the University of Leiden and has a degree in Museum studies from the University of Amsterdam. She combines her activities at Kunstveiling with her work for Museumregister Nederland.

Nicole manages several collections and writes texts for the website and for the weekly newsletter.

Ronald de Wijze

DeDenker edited-1 Auctioneer - Classical Art


Ronald has years of experience as art expert. He is specialised in classical and modern art and monitors, together with the other auctioneers, the works in auction on Kunstveiling.

Femke Lyklema

Femke 2 Auctioneer - General


Femke has a degree in Art History from the University of Utrecht and worked for Sotheby’s before as head of the general Paintings Auctions at Sotheby's and as a sales agent at Simonis & Buunk Art Dealers.

Femke handles all valuation requests and manages the artist database. She also organises themed auctions and curated specials.

Angelika Groenendijk-Wasylewski

Angelika Co-ordinator Artpeers


Angelika grew up in Germany. In 2000, she moved to the Netherlands and founded Young Designers United as an entrepreneur: a platform with collections by young fashion designers. It was her mission to make design and fashion accessible to a wide audience.

Angelika works at Kunstveiling as coordinator of the German platform Artpeers.de.

Emmy Sollewijn Gelpke

Emmy Auction Staff member


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