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About us

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About us

“We are passionate about good and affordable art for everyone.”

German art and design enthusiasts meet at Artpeers: the newest art auction platform in Germany.

For many people, participating in a traditional auction is unknown, intimidating or financially infeasible. Buying and selling art through Artpeers is accessible and affordable because the auctions exclusively take place online. Our main motivation is to allow the novice buyer and seller, as well as professional collectors and art dealers, to participate in the auctions.

A modern auction house

At Artpeers you may put items in auction yourself (as a private or professional seller) from your personal user account. Every user who has an account can then bid on your work in auction.

“Buying art is not only fun, but also a durable investment and a unique experience.”

You will also find items at Artpeers that have been put in auction by our own auctioneers in the Netherlands, on behalf of companies, collectors, private individuals and art lending centers that (partly) disperse their collection. These works are auctioned by us and come with a guarantee on its authenticity and condition.

Finally, you may contact us for informal auction estimates without engagement.


Kunstveiling has been founded in 2010 by Arthur Brouwers, inspired by his passion for the Arts and the internet. It all started small: a temporary storage space, one employee and a simple website. Now, Kunstveiling has grown into one of the biggest auction platforms in the Netherlands and a team of professionals is working behind the scenes in Amstelveen. In 2018 and in 2020, Artpeers has won the award for the most popular website and the best website of the year within the category ‘Art’. Meanwhile, 320.000 items have been auctioned and more than 70.000 members make use of Artpeers on a regular basis. In 2020, Kunstveiling has joined forces with the German auction platform eART.de. eART has been founded in 2000 by Felix Brandi and for over 20 years it has been a well-known forum for collectors and tradors of original works, sculptures and photography from the 20th/21th century. Since 2021, the company has also been active on the German market under the name Artpeers.

Read more about auctioning at Artpeers on the following pages:

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